Daria Eliuk

Wedding Testimonials

On May 19, 2014....

......A US Federal Court overturned the unconstitutional ban on same-sex marriage. I figured the best way to celebrate this was to immediately become an ordained minister and get to Legally Marryin'! I found I loved the whole process. To date I've married a few dozen couples, Both LGBTQ and Straight.

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Sarah & Ted

When my husband and I were planning our wedding we were adamant about three things; that every moment around our wedding be about what we loved, that only family be in attendance, and that someone else write our vows.  Then our hope for our ceremony was that it be light-hearted, sincere, funny, sweet, and full of love. Immediately I thought of Daria Eliuk. Asking her to marry us was the first and smartest wedding choice we made. There could not have been a more perfect (for us) ceremony.

From the moment she said yes she was so warm and happy for us. She took any stress I may have had about the ceremony right off my shoulders because I knew we were in the most capable of hands. She met with us, asked us questions about how we met, our life together, funny stories we remembered…really just got to know us as a couple. Afterwards she sent the vows she wrote for each of us and they could not have been more perfect. Between the two of us I think we changed one word. To this day I’ve never heard better vows at a wedding.

The day of the wedding was a typical blustery October day at the Oregon coast. We were married on the beach and the tide was playing chicken with us. She was a pillar of calm. No incoming wave shook her cool as she guided us all through my most favorite day at the beach ever. My husband and I still talk about how lucky we are to have had the best wedding we’ve ever been to and so much of that is because of Daria. We felt seen, understood, loved and taken care of, from beginning to end.

~Sarah La Du Bernhard



Brent & Darrell

"Brent and I were married July 30, 2016 after being together nearly 21 years. As we discussed getting married, there was no question as to WHOM we wanted to marry us:  DARIA!!!!

Having watched her on TV and from listening to her on the radio, we had become very fond of her, of her wonderful storytelling. 

We adore Daria as a kind, considerate, loving, enveloping and giving human/friend. When we asked her to marry us, she enthusiastically agreed and made us feel it was her honor. She kept in touch with us throughout our journey. She invited us to meet and speak with her to share details of our lives and love story. We asked her to write our vows for us. They were perfect!! Our personal love story perfectly told. She even asked the theme of the wedding, colors etc and came dressed to match with fresh flowers woven into her hair.

In short, Brent and I were honored to legitimize our 21 year relationship with marriage and with Daria leading that charge. We could not have wished for a more caring, sincere, or loving person/friend to share our day. WE LOVE YOU DARIA!!"


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Monty & Beth

"When we decided to get married, we also had to decide on an officiant to perform the ceremony.  Who did we know who could give us the right combination of substance and entertainment?  From her years on the radio, spinning the most compelling, touching, and outright hilarious stories, we knew we had our officiant!  Who better with that talent and wit and aptitude for public speaking, to perform our wedding ceremony?  None but Daria, officiant extraordinaire, The Voice of Portland, and fellow Simpsons aficionado.  Is there anything she can't do? Daria worked with us to craft the perfect confection of traditional wedding rituals for our gathered families, with the light-hearted moments of levity and laughter that we also wanted.  Such a splendid job!  True story: several attendees said it was the best wedding they had ever been to.  We humbly agree, thanks in no small measure to our friend Daria."



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Leslie & Craig

Planning a wedding requires so many choices and my husband and I often second guessed some of our choices for vendors in the process. The one thing we never second guessed was having Daria to be the one who married us. I first met Daria at my father’s wedding when she officiated his ceremony. I was so touched by the words that I heard that I knew nobody else would be right for the most important day of our lives then her. During both my fathers ceremony and ours she spoke to our friends and family in a way that made everybody feel the love and commitment that was being declared instead of just hearing it. She made the planning process so easy and offered great advice to help guide our choice for the overall tone of the wedding. I wanted there to be some comedy to show our goofy sides and she was willing to open the ceremony with an impersonation. She even dressed in theme to blend in with the 1920’s era we planned. Overall she made our day special and unique to us and our guests raved about how amazing she did. There is literally not another person on this earth I would trust more then her to deliver the most important message on the most important day of our lives. Thank you for making our wedding day perfect Daria!

Craig and Leslie Hull