Daria Eliuk

Emcee Testimonials

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Portland's Champagne Ball

"Many emcees have hosted the Champagne Ball, but none connect with the audience like Daria does. She’s a pro and can keep the audience engaged while on stage, but what makes her different is how she connects with guests off stage. I’ve never had another host that was so accessible. It really is special to see how much joy she brings to the guests and to the event, when I see it I feel that she cares about the event as if it was her own.” 

-Matthew Weber


Breast Friends Oregon

"Daria Eliuk has been our emcee at our gala for the last two years.  She has been invited back for the third year.  Our audience loves her passion and charm! She is gifted at connecting not only with our cause, but in relating our cause to the audience. She is kind-hearted and compassionate.  She has a great sense of humor and is a born entertainer.  We love having her as our emcee!!"

-Becky Olson

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Rue Royale Burlesque

"Daria has a way of weaving words into the most beautiful strand of pearlescent sentences. As an emcee, she elevates the performers and lovingly places them on the perfect pedestal before they take the stage. She mesmerizes audiences and takes them on a journey. Sometimes that journey is a golden hall filled with lush tapestries. Sometimes it’s a hilarious ride down a bumpy road in a beat up mustang. Always, it’s a joyous experience.

Every time I see her the love she expresses is genuine and wraps me up like a cozy blanket. Every time she introduces me to someone or introduces them to me, I feel like we are both the most important and incredible people in the universe. There is no end to the warmth she exudes. She is the ideal emcee."

-Nina Nightshade, Founder/Performer